Innovation Centre Denmark presents

Unlocking the hidden champions

of Industry 4.0

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Throughout 2019, Innovation Centre Denmark has supported Danish organisations, research institutions, and companies to engage with and benefit from collaborations with German industrial players, specifically the ’hidden champions’ – world market leaders in their niches.
Why so?
The German business landscape is under- going a profound transformation. The demand for innovative products and business models is reaching new heights and the fourth industrial revolution is forcing established players to reinvent themselves and forge new partnerships.
Automakers now call themselves mobility service providers, machine manufacturers create industrial app stores – digitalization and globalization are rapidly changing the rules of the game: Old industries collapse, new opportunities emerge – only the most innovative companies will come out on top. For industrial mid- cap companies, this is a huge challenge and even the hidden champions must adapt to the new paradigm.
To do so, they must step out of the shadows and into the light.In this publication, we share our research and observations on hidden champions in Germany and real-world use cases from our partners, and we encourage you to seek collaborations across industries and borders.
       We wish you happy reading and look forward to hear from you.
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